Aug 30, 2009

16 mil

A working 16 mm film projector with sound speaker. It didn't come with a film, but luckily enough we have been stashing a student film product called "Water / Ducks" for a few months for a situation just like this.

The bulb was working and the motor sounded decent so I threaded it up. Finally, the skills I gained in my five years as a film major at a private art college are coming in handy. 

We sat around and watched 10 minutes of ducks, ponds, fountains, flowers and other plant life in of the bay area projected onto a white marker board. Once I got the gate-loop set, the film ran smooth. There was no optical sound track, so we didn't get to test that, but it didn't even skip at the tape splices. I consider this a victory for the junk store and my film education. However, there was one problem...

The projector was no donated with a take-up reel, so we basically just let the whole film pile onto the floor as it ran out the back of the projector. For the rewind we just threw that sucker into reverse at the end and watched it backwards. 

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