Sep 3, 2009

Mini Arcade: Pac-Man

Not quite as awesome as an authentic Pac-Man arcade cabinet (or cocktail table) video game, this Coleco Mini Arcade LED Pac-Man will have to suffice for the moment.
From "At the height of the Pac-Man craze, video game craze, and handheld electronic craze, Coleco created mini versions of famous arcade games.  They started with Pac-Man, but it wasn't long before Ms. Pac, Galaxian, Centipede, and others joined the family.
It's rather impressive how much of the flavor of the arcade originals these little versions could capture within the limits of VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) technology.  The games were colorful (unlike battleship gray LCD, or red blip LED games), had a nice assortment of sound effects and music, and added simultaneous two player modes so that both you and your brother could crowd around your 9" high  personal arcade cabinet."

Here are some other great Pac-Man images I found on the interweb:

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Unknown said...

Haha the picture of the Pacman car is awesome!! I am a video game junkie and have a couple of stand up arcade machines that I am still strangely addicted to after all these years. My friend led me to a guy who sells classic arcade machines and I want to refer him to this blog. He will get a kick out of that picture.