Aug 25, 2009

Sonny Bono's Autograph!

Riding hot on the heels of Neil Diamond's autograph, like an out of control downhill skier, comes another awesome donation from a completely different source:

Now, us Junk Pirates of the sorting room are never above a fake-autograph prank or two (just asked the kid who bought the "Babe Rooth" autographed baseball), and this autographed LP came in less than 5 days after the last one that it seemed a bit suspicious. Let us try to get some random internet confirmation on this one:

Wow, looks like the Bono autograph that I embedded from another host got removed as well. Cher is spinning in her grave.
Good enough for me. 
Out of respect for those who are no longer with us, we decided to actually nail this one on the wall instead of letting it get buried. RIP Sonny. Best Wishes.

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