Dec 31, 2011

Reflections of 2011, plus the middle finger

Happy New Year from Junk Pirate and the entire Junk Store crew. 

2011 was chock full of fun donations, crap donations, inappropriate donations, overflowing dumpsters, additional middle managers, sassy coworkers and the negative yelp reviews they spawned, bizarre head lice accusations, superball obsessed volunteers, rats' nests redefining the term "Shreducational", free coffee hook-ups, out-of-control hoarding, one new Junk Pirate artwork, no new Junk Pirate zines, the departure of Top Cat, the inland banishment of Big Merl, the return of evil Sausage Fingers, the discover of the no-limits money grab for "admin" work, a Womyn's sale that no one understood, Soap-Wrapping special events that no one noticed, Terry Treats forever, and two really confused and frighteningly unprepared armed robbers.

Coming up in 2012... more of the same (hopefully minus the robbery), plus undoubtedly lots of unexpected surprises. 

Please, please, please subscribe to the blog feed and throw down a few comments here and there in the coming year. It really makes this all worthwhile to know you all are even slightly entertained.

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