Jan 1, 2012

Where It All Began

For the first post of the glorious new year I'm gonna take us back to the beginning.

Almost a decade ago, from amongst the Heap (this was in the days before the sorting boxes) emerges a ceramic mug with a boner. The Jammer snaps a low-res digital picture (I think we were working with maybe 1.5 megapixels back them). This photo spawns a few more pictures (mostly of the crazy customers), and that eventually leads to a little website on a free server celebrating our wonderful horrible job. That website is still out there because we no longer have the password to log in and update or remove it.

Several years later, I merge the Junk Pirate zine and artwork idea with all these random snapshots of fucked-up donations into the Tales From the Junk Store Blog.  

And he I am today, still working the same shit job. Sigh.

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