Jan 18, 2012

Wild In The Streets

Awesomely, and yet sadly, complete skateboards are not an uncommon donation here at the Junk Store. We probably get over 10 a year, and that doesn't include all those crappy plastic-truck toy store generics. We get so many, we actually sell them to customers!

We get the really ancient clay wheelers, your bright orange banana boards, your mid-80s fat boys (often with rails and copers and such), your early 90s small-wheel brittle boards, those shop graphics and blanks, and your modern street set-ups. We even have a flat-rail stashed behind the dumpster for some lazy Sunday sessions. And oh how I wish I took some photos of the time Big Merl and Top Cat built a quarterpipe up the side of the loading dock using scrap wood. We told the boss it was a ramp for the dolly. 

So here is a mere sample of the many boards that have gotten me to the deli and back over the past couple of years. I keep a constantly rotating collection of about 7 boards in the Sorting Room (even though I'm the only skater working at the Junk Store these days) that we have just in case a gnarly curb sesh pops-up unexpectedly. 

Such a sweet AntiHero graphic. Probably late 90s

Think Drehobl from probably 1994.

The Battle Wagon

Unused post-Rocco World complete

And I'll end it with traditional "Rounded Bolts with Washers" hardware set up. 

And treat yourself to Thrashin' - Wild In The Streets - in French:


Anonymous said...


Warren said...

that anti hero graphic is from like '09. unless thats a reissue.

Junk PIrate Pete said...

2009... no way! It's definitely older than that.
Then again, I am often wrong about a great many things.
Either way, it's a killer graphic.