Jan 6, 2012

I Want Those Days Back

Even more Junk Store nostalgia:

You are being watched.

Nuetron Vs RoboLove 22

The classic "Flush" sign from the old employee bathroom.

Slip Molds

Big money accordions.

The Tony Cantina Clones.

Baby Zombies


Blue Melio said...

This is awesome! I would love to work or even live near a store like this. Some of the things you have up on your blog here. EPIC!!!! Is this all from one store, do you work there, do you go around to different stores and find these things or do you find them via internet. <3 Keep posting! You've got me hoooked!

The Junk Pirate said...

Thanks for checking it out and following. The Junk Store is literally getting flooded with crazy stuff these days, and I have a camera built into my phone, so there will be lots of posts this years.

This is all from donations to one store where I work sorting items for sale.
More or less ALL the items on the blog are from the Junk Store where I work. Occasionally I'll post links to photos of similar items or youtube links on the internet for narrative purposes.