Jul 28, 2012

Commie Space Dog: "Starlet"

Philatelists - while this word definitely sounds like a scientific term for some specific sexually deviant behavior, it is basically just the nerdiest possible way to say "stamp collector". More accurately, it is "someone who studies stamps", which I'm sure that someone out there has also managed to turn into a sexually deviant behavior.

While you think about that, check out this awesome Russian stamp celebrating a dog they shot into space back in the 60s.

The Junk Pirate research team took one glance at this stamps and immediately launched this rocket of wisdom:
This dog is Zvyozdochka (pronounced Zvezdochka, Звёздочка, or "Starlet"), who was named by Yuri Gagarin. He made one orbit on board Korabl-Sputnik 5 on March 25, 1961 with a wooden cosmonaut dummy in the final practice flight before Gagarin's historic flight on April 12. The dummy was ejected out of the capsule while Zvezdochka remained inside. Both were recovered successfully.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, vintage Russian stamps...awesome! I had a Soviet snail mail pal back in the day, and I loved to receive her letters just for the stamps and the envelope graphics alone!

Junk PIrate Pete said...

Yeah, gotta love those CCCP graphics.
Thanks for the comment!