Jul 13, 2012

Tony's Birthday Surprise

Remember back in the day when dozens of life-sized male stripper cardboard displays were donated, and we put a few up in the display windows in the front of the store, and some lady came in and said that the beefcake coming out of the box was actually a co-worker of hers named Tony and he was really ashamed of his lascivious past and could we please destroy those before he sees them, and then we put them all up on display?

Ahhh, Junk Store memories. 

A side note: All the posts that are labeled "junk pirate archives" contain photos taken for a free-hosted website about the junk store that the Jammer and I made before blogs even existed. This is why these photos are usually very small. You may be too young to remember, but way back when, some folks didn't have the modem power to load large photos. Things sure have changed. Only the mountains of garbage being donated every day is as it was. 

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