Jul 31, 2012

Junk Store People: Fear the Beard

You are in for a special treat. 
Thus far, I've kept most of my posts strictly about the donations. Sure, occasionally I snap a pic of the Heap or a particularly inspired store display, and I might even drop a coded reference to a co-worker, boss, or even customer. But for the most part, I keep it about the junk. 

Not today.

You see, long before the Tales From The Junk Store blog, the Jammer and I used to take pictures of all the weirdo customers. Just as a visual document to be used in identifying one of these whackos in the likely event that they flipped out and burned the store down after being charged $1.35 for an action figure.
Despite the fact that these Junk Store customer photos are amazing and more interesting than any of the crazy items I usually post, I've hesitated to publish them. Welp, today I'm dropping these two bearded gentlemen for two reasons. 1) I've mastered photoshop to the point where I can cover their eyes, thus perfectly concealing their identities. 2) I'm pretty sure both these guys are dead by this point, probably from choking on their beards.

I also want to express that these two guys used to come into the Junk Store every day. And they always wore the same clothes. The guy on top used to purchase one item for under a dollar, complain about the price, demand a bag and a receipt, and then walk away into who knows where. Every day
The second dude was far more annoying, spending most of our work day chatting away with us, even though we tried to ignore him and help other customers. This isn't really abnormal behavior, except that most of his conversations were about Barbie. Yes, Barbie, the toy doll. Every day.

So here you go. May their beards rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

O_o Sweet Jeebus! Maybe that's why I've always had a deep fear of beards!

Anonymous said...

great photo shopping